I’m a shapeshifter – I can lose 20lbs off my face with a touch of make-up, it makes me look like a different person | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how she can shapeshift her entire face thanks to carefully placed make-up.

Courtney, from the US, shared the clever hack on TikTok and it's left people stunned.

Posting to her account, Cakefaced_Courtney, she revealed how you can instantly drop 20lbs of weight with a stroke of a brush.

In the tutorial, Courtney strategically placed contour along the sides of her forehead, under her cheekbones, the sides of her nose, and directly below her chin.

The beauty fan made sure to focus lots of the product under her chin – spreading it all across before blending in the contour with a make-up sponge.

In the final clip, Courtney looked completely different to how she did in the start and had a much slimmer face.


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Contour is known to make shadows to create the illusion of a slimmer face – and clearly Courtney is a pro at it.

People were stunned by Courtney's impressive make-up tricks with one writing: "There's no way."

Proving them wrong, Courtney showed off her skills again, captioning the post: "When there's a w ill there's a way."

She added the hashtags 'faceshaping,' 'doublechin,' 'jawtrick,' and 'snatched.'

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The videos have since been viewed over 700k times.

Many people were stunned by the transformation, plenty of people praised her for her make-up skills while others claimed it wasn't the same person.

One person wrote: "It’s not the same person."

"Yes it is," Courtney replied.

Another person remarked: "Another fake person!! Why hide your natural look? Fine without it."

"Isn't this considered catfishing someone. lol," penned a third.

Courtney said: "Ehh don’t care if it is lol I have nobody to catfish, I’ve been with my man for 11 years already."

Meanwhile a fourth added: "Omg how.2

"Shadows, it’s an illusion," the beauty fan added.

"This is freaking awesome ! I wish I could do makeup like this. This takes skill and talent," claimed a fifth.

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Another wrote: "Ugh you’re so pretty."

"That’s impressive makeup skills! You're killing it, I can’t even put a little blush on without looking like an orange clown," praised one person.

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