I'm a secretary – people say I go from a 5 to a 10 in a bikini but not everyone agrees | The Sun

A SECRETARY says she goes from a five up to a 10 when she wears a bikini but not everyone agrees.

Zoey has more than 32,000 followers on TikTok, where she posts content about fashion.

In a recent video, Zoey said that people call her a “five” when she’s wearing normal clothes.

Zoey is seen wearing a baggy hoodie in the first part of the video.

However, she says that once she wears a bikini, she goes up to a 10.

“Do you agree?” she asks in the caption.


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The video sparks debate in the comments with many people disagreeing with Zoey.

“5 whole time,” wrote one person.

“Average,” said another.

Another person shared: “People will say anything when they have beer goggles on.”

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However, others were quick to come to Zoey’s defense, showering her with compliments.

“You’re a 10 no matter what you wear,” said one person.

“I’d say from an 8 to a 12,” wrote another.

“Nobody is perfect, 10s don’t exist,” shared another person.

The video is part of a new online trend where people show themselves dressed down, often in baggy clothing, before revealing a different look.

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