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A SAVVY cook has revealed the best dinner for parents with starving kids – plus they take minutes to make and it’ll cost you less than a fiver to feed your entire family. 

Mitch took to TikTok to share his budget chilli cheese dogs that require just eight ingredients. 

Now people are vowing to test the £4.50 recipe out on their kids, convinced the fakeaway will be a hit. 

Known online as @mealsbymitch, the content creator regularly shares family-friendly meal ideas with his 1.2 million followers. 

In a new reel, he said: “What an absolute treat. 

“Budget chilli cheese dogs, and just look how naughty they look. 


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“You can make six of them for a grand total of £4.50, and there’s your proof. 

“So I’ve diced one and a half onions and then sliced the remaining half. 

“Medium heat pan. Add a dollop of diced onion with a little bit of salt. Cook this down for three to four minutes. 

“I’ve added four cloves of garlic. Let it go for another minute, and then add your seasoning. 

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“If you’ve got your own jarred seasoning in the cupboard, even better. It’s going to be even cheaper. 

“Just stir it all through. Add a full tin of tomatoes, full tin of mixed beans, and then half-fill one of the tins with water and tip that in as well. 

“Break up the tomatoes, and then let this bubble away now on a low heat. 

“I’ve added the sliced onions into some hot oil, just to get them nice and crispy, and I’m going to griddle pan these hot dogs. 

“80p for this tin of hotdogs. F*** knows what meat it is, but can’t really afford to be picky these days. 

“Finish your chilli off with a little bit of salt and black pepper. 

“Hot dogs onto the buns, and smothered them in that mixed bean chilli. 

“Just make a mess of it, be generous with it. 

“I broke up a ball of mozzarella, just spread it all over and whack these under your grill now for a couple of minutes, just until the cheese has melted. 

“And just look at the absolute state of these. They’re an absolute mess, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

“Finish them off with the crispy onions and some optional chives, and there you have it.”

Fans loved his cheap treat, with the recipe gaining more than 5,900 likes and 172,500 views. 

In the comments, foodies shared their reactions, with one writing: “My kids would love this.”

“OMG marry me lol,” joked another. 

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A third added: “Those look mighty lad.”

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