I'm a proud bimbo with huge lips – my posh family turned their backs on me but I don't care as I love looking plastic | The Sun

A PROUD “bimbo” has forked out over £10,000 to look like a Barbie doll – and rebuffed her own family when they didn’t support her wish to look “more plastic than human”.

Dolly Mix comes from a privileged family with connection to the Royals but never felt like she fitted in.

The 29-year-old always wanted to look like a Barbie doll growing up, complete with bleach blonde hair, big boobs and huge lips. 

She is now living out her lifelong fantasy and self-styles as the ultimate “bimbo”.

Speaking to Truly, she said: “My aim is to look more plastic than human.

“I would describe my looks as bimbo doll.

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“I’ve always wanted to look like a plastic barbie.”

The Barbie fan has forked out over £10,000 to achieve her desired look. 

She has always been artistic but divulged that her dad “didn’t hold any value for the arts” which meant he didn’t support her personal expression.

Dolly said: “I haven’t seen my family for many years.

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“They do not support me pursuing my bimbo identity.

“There are so many words that my family have used to describe my look. 

“I have been told I’m an abomination and I look like a s**t.

“There wasn’t any room for me to go off and explore these avenues.”

The ostracised “bimbo” added that her family’s plan for her was to get married and have lots of children.

She said: “My bloodline is very important to them and goes quite far back into the Royal Family.

“He would constantly and relentlessly try to set me up with wealthy landowners’ sons. 

“I really didn’t like that at all.”

Dolly moved to London from her family home in Bath in her early twenties so she could freely express herself. 

She started channelling her “bimbo” energy through late night shows – such as Sexetera – erotic literature and porn.

Since then, Dolly has spent £10,000 on cosmetic procedures throughout the years.

She had her first boob job in her early twenties, taking them from a 34B to a whopping 34E and has since had a second one.

Her boobs now weigh two pounds each and she regularly gets botox and lip filler injections to make her face look plastic.

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Dolly’s “bimbo” look has attracted over 17,000 Instagram followers and pushed her to start a “bimbo” streetwear business. 

She sells pink crop-tops with “bimbo” and “Barbie” slogans for like minded women to wear.

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