I’m a professional piercer & there’s three piercings I would never get… one of them never lasts and ALWAYS leaves a scar | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL piercer has revealed the three piercings she would never get and the reasons why.

Marie regularly shares her piercing wisdom on TikTok, often advising people on what piercings to get, and the ones to avoid.

In a recent video posted to her TikTok account @piercingsby_marie, she listed three piercing she would never get on her own body.

She penned: "Popular piercings I personally would never get as a piercer and why."

"These aren't unsafe just my personal opinion!" she captioned the post.

The first piercing Marie said she would never get was the tongue piercing.


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Although popular, she revealed it can cause a lot of damage to your teeth if you aren't careful and that she personally, 'wouldn't risk it.'

The metal can often rub against the gum causing it to recede according to WebMD.

Next on the list was dermal piercings, which anchor under the skin and don't have an exit point, unlike other piercings.

While they may look pretty, these piercings are often rejected by the body and don't last long.

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The piercing pro said: "They aren't permanent and usually leave a scar when they reject."

The final piercing on Marie's list was an anti-tragus ear piercing.

Like most cartilage piercings, getting a piercing in this area can make it extremely difficult to heal.

"They are sooo hard to heal, plus I don't have the right anatomy for it," she added.

The video has since gone viral with over 265k views and over 11.5k likes.

People were quick to go to the comments section of the video to share their thoughts and some agreed tongue piercings had damaged their teeth.

One person wrote: "Tongue piercing 5 days ago already chipped a tooth lmao."

Another commented: "I have a huge scar under my eye where my rejected dermal used to be, sticking a fake one on with eyeliner glue works just as well."

"Can confirm the tongue one. Had to take it off but I miss it so much," said a third.

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I had a tongue piercing and I just got the tooth I broke with it fixed for the 3rd time last month, 15 years after taking it out."

Someone else penned: "Wow all of my piercings made the list."

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