I’m a professional house cleaner – 5 things I would NEVER do & why glass shower doors are out | The Sun

HAVE you ever looked at your messy home and wished you could know the secrets of professional house cleaners?

One home-cleaning expert shared her insights about the job, which include the surprising things the professional admits she'd never do.

Kathy Borie runs a "green" cleaning company, Crunchy Cleaning by Kathy, and shares her best home advice with 14.6k followers on TikTok.

Borie told all in a recent video where she confessed the five things she'd never do in her own home as a professional cleaner.

The first thing on her list is one to remember if you have summer travel around the corner.

"I do not go on vacation leaving dirty dishes in the sink or dirty laundry in the hamper," Borie said.

After sitting undisturbed for days, even a few dishes or items of clothing can stink up your home, she warned.

Nothing ruins a relaxing vacation like coming home to a house that smells dirty, making cleaning the first thing on your mind after a trip.

"You don't want to smell that in your house," Borie insisted. "Clean it up before you go."

If you're buying a new home or renovating your current one, pay close attention to Borie's next tip.

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"I'd never get glass shower doors for my bathroom," Borie told her viewers.

"Unless you're cleaning them and wiping them off every day, or several times a week, to remove the hard water buildup and soap buildup, cleaning glass shower doors can become quite a pain in the butt," she said.

A few weeks' or months' worth of buildup requires a time-intensive cleaning process, so Borie recommended trying a different tactic for your shower.

"Get plastic shower curtain liners, or even better, reusable cloth ones," she recommended. "You can just throw them in the washing machine."

When you want a consistently clean home, choose the features that will be easy to clean, she said – which lead Borie to another professional tip.

Borie said that, if given the choice, she would never buy a home with high-up windows, and she recommends others avoid them as well.

"Now, we do have super high windows in our house," Borie admitted, but said she wishes that her home didn't have them.

"I'm not going up on a ladder to clean them every week," Borie explained.

In turn, the windows get – and stay – dirty. "It builds dust and cobwebs," she added.

If you don't want to climb up high to clean every week, avoid high windows at all costs, Borie said.

"It looks nice on the outside but it's a pain in the a** on the inside," she warned.

To simplify her life, Borie said that even though she's a professional cleaner, she'd never buy multiple cleaning products.

"I use an all-purpose, concentrated cleaner," the expert explained. "I can get so much use out of one bottle as opposed to six or seven individual bottles."

Borie prefers formulas that are safe and effective on a variety of materials, from wood to tile to leather.

"A good all-purpose cleaner to clean your home is fantastic, cost-effective, and much better for the environment," she said.

One final common practice Borie said she avoids is getting upset at regular household messes, even when they last for a few days.

"Don't feel guilty or bad about having dirty dishes in the sink at the end of the day, or having clothes on the floor because you're tired from work and life is stressful," she told viewers.

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Even experts can't keep their house tidy, organized, and sparkling clean every day, so you shouldn't hold yourself to an impossible standard.

"Trust me, I'm a professional cleaner," Borie said. "My house looks a mess too, don't beat yourself up."

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