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A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed the four things she would never have in her home.

So if you’re thinking about renovating your home or are planning on moving house anytime soon, you’ll want to listen up.

An Australian-based cleaner, known online as ‘Jetlag Remedy’ took to social media to share her thoughts on the homeware items she isn’t a fan of. 

She previously revealed that she avoids silicone toilet brushes, difficult-to-clean tiles, matte black sinks and glass tables.

Now, the cleaning whizz has revealed another four items she would never have in her home, so if you were thinking about getting a new leather sofa, you might want to have a re-think.

Posting online in a recent clip shared just one week ago, the cleaner said: “Four things I would NEVER put in my home as a professional cleaner, part two.”

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She explained: “If you have these, that’s totally fine, it’s just my opinion.

“First up, we’ve got mirrored furniture.

“For me, these are the same as glass tables, they’re just so hard to keep clean.

“You can see every single finger mark and smudge mark. 

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“Not to mention, in my opinion, they’re just outdated.

“It’s giving mid 2000s.

“Personally, just not for me.”

Next, the cleaner shared her thoughts on venetian blinds.

She added: “Coming in hot and coming in next are those gosh blinds [venetian blinds].

“Not only do they make me wanna pour hot water into my eyes, but they are so horrible to clean.

“They take so long, you have to do every section singly at a time, starting from the top, working your way down.

“They are just such a pain.

“I have them in my rental and I would do anything to remove them.”

Not only this, but this cleaning expert explained that she also avoids vinyl floors and leather sofas, as she continued: “Another personal no no is vinyl floors.

“These make me wanna head but a brick wall.

“Not only do they look terrible, but they are so hard to clean, they get build up so quickly and so fast and you can see it. 

“And last I’m popping in leather couches, especially white. And especially the ones where you can’t remove the cushions to clean.

“They’re just never clean.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @jetlagremedy, was shared just one week ago, but has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly racked up 229,200 views. 

However, social media users were left divided at the cleaner’s clip – while some were eager to agree, others couldn’t disagree more.

One person said: “Yes the blinds!! Bain of my life.”

Another added: “I have a leather couch with attached cushions. I hate it so so much!” 

A third commented: “I have a cleaning business and I agree with all 4 can I add mirrored splashbacks in the kitchen to that as well.”

At the same time, someone else posted: “I’m the opposite, I will ONLY have a leather couch but it’s the cleanest option IMO.”

Whilst another user claimed: “What, Vinyl floor? Worked as a cleaner for years. They are easy to clean.”

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Meanwhile, another user shared: “I personally love glass tables. I paint a lot and the splatters are so easy to scrape off!” 

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