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A PROFESSIONAL bikini waxer has revealed what your underwear really says about you, and it's bad news if you love your Bridget Jones granny knickers.

It turns out the underwear you put on in the morning says more about your personality than you might think.

Wax technician and beautician Carla Daniels from Tampa, Florida told Fabulous everything everything you need to know about genuinely tiny knickers, granny panties and everything in between.

Although the waxing pro explained she doesn't really see her clients' underwear a lot of the time, when she does she's "rarely surprised."

"I can usually take a guess at what type of underwear people wear.

"But every now and then someone will totally shock you and there will be an older client with a little thong on, which I think is amazing," she said.


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But as far as specific styles go here's what the pro waxer thinks:


Anyone who wears a thong is probably looking for love, Carla says.

"Trust me once you settle down you're not wriggling into a thong everyday," she joked.

You might also be a bit of a wild child and like spending your Saturday nights with your friends and meeting new people.

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Boy Boxers

Carla says: "If they're actually a guy's boxers it can be sexy, but only if they're clean.

"If they're worn then you really need to do laundry."

But if you have your own pair of boy boxers you're probably "very laidback" and "like to spend your time at home."

Bikini Briefs

Anyone who is a fan of bikini briefs is the true middle ground and loves to combine the perfect amount of sexy, comfortable and cool.

Sure, this style of underwear might not be the most awe-inspiring but it gets the job done and the people who wear them love them for that reason.

"Practical underwear for practical women," Carla said, "I have a lot of time for anyone who favours bikini briefs because they always know exactly what they wants and aren't afraid to ask for it."

Granny Panties

"You're probably 50 plus and like to take things slow. There's no time for frills and lace but that's the way you like it.

"Over the years you've tried thongs and other underwear styles and so you know these are the most comfortable, even if not everyone admits it," Carla joked.

The waxing technician admitted there's nothing wrong with choosing comfort from time to time and so if you want to wear underwear up to your armpits, more power to you!

French Knickers

Also known as tap pants, this saucy style of underwear isn't for everyone but ladies who love them are usually "very classy" and have "expensive taste."

If this is your underwear of choice you might love the sexiness of a thong but can't stand how uncomfortable they are – so this is your compromise.

"I think of posh old women walking their poodles in Paris with a big fur jacket and cigarette in hand," Carla explained.


Thong's more skimpy cousin, the G-string doesn't leave much to the imagination but that's the reason so many people love them.

In fact, some women even reckon they're more comfortable than a thong for that reason, so don't judge it until you try it.

Carla says: "G-strings are worn by 21-year-olds who don't know what they're favourite type of underwear is yet.

"They haven't had the opportunity to experiment and so they wear what they think everyone else is wearing."

Cheeky Briefs

Somewhere between a thong and bikini brief, people who wear cheeky briefs are "fun-loving and adventurous."

The clue really is in the name when it comes to this style of underwear – yes, they show off your bum but anyone who wears them has a cheeky personality to match.

"Good cotton cheeky briefs are my go to for when I'm working, they're super comfortable but are still cute," the waxing pro explained.

Pattered and character Underwear

Not matter the cut and style of your knickers, if they've got a cartoon character on them they might not be as adorable as you think.

"No one wants to see Mikey Mouse staring at them in the bedroom," Carla laughed.

"I know you can buy them in a lot of stores but I personally don't love them," she added.

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