I'm a plus-size model with DD boobs – I ordered a cute lace dress from a popular store but I'll never shop there again | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE model with DD boobs has revealed she ordered a dress but was left disappointed with what she received.

TikToker Raenn Langas bought the lace outfit from the retailer House of CB but it didn’t fit.

The woman, who was wearing the dress, told her fans: “If I ever try to order anything from House of CB ever again, just stop me.”

Langas vented: “I always order and it never fits. It never fits.”

She revealed that it was too small for her.

She claimed: “This is the large plus and it’s supposed to be the D double D top to fit the cups.”

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Dozens of TikTokers sympathized with Langas as they revealed similar situations have happened to them.

One said: “Happens to me every time.”

And, another commented: “This is so relatable omg.”

A third social media user posted: “I went into their store here in LA and same!!!”

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They claimed that their dresses on offer were “tank top length”.

And, others have claimed that Langas has given them a “sign” not to order from the fashion label.

Meanwhile, an influencer, known as Madison, has shared her strap test which apparently reveals if you're wearing the correct bra.

She opted to answer two questions that viewers had sent to her.

The first question she revealed was: "Why are my straps falling down?

And, the second was: "And why are my straps digging in?"

Madison said that the answer is more than likely the same to both questions.

She told viewers: “This is like a very personal thing, it's not going to be the same thing on everybody.

"Unfortunately that is the nature of bras."

Madison explained that the source of the problem likely stems from the fact that the band size may be too big.

She said: “When the band size of your bra is not fitting correctly, it can affect like the entirety of the fit.”

And, another influencer has shared a tip on how to get jeans that are too tight to fit.

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