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EVERYONE is susceptible to cellulite, whether they're a professional model or a mere civilian, but that doesn't stop people from making harsh judgments.

One model proudly displays her cellulite in photos, even though trolls call her "conceited," a "pig," and "repulsive."

Karina Irby is the CEO of Moana Bikini, an Australian swimwear brand, and you'll also see her showcasing plenty of her designs on the company's social media.

The swimwear model uses her personal account to celebrate her body – and to highlight the cruel comments she receives when she refuses to erase her cellulite with photo editing.

"You are disgusting. Every single day it gets worse," wrote one person whose comment Irby highlighted in a post last year.

"You're just as conceited as the skinny girls," said another, while others called her "atrocious," "despicable," and a "fat pig."

"She's repulsive and y'all are trying to make her feel good about being obese," one critic said, addressing Irby's supporters. "Just disgusting."

But Irby shot back at the haters with her own commentary. She started the caption of her post with the phrase "CELLULITE LOVE."

"If I listened to people hating on my body and my cellulite I wouldn’t be here, in Bora Bora, shooting a huge campaign for my swimwear brand," she wrote.

In the photo, Irby posed in a cheeky, pig-print bikini with her cellulite left unedited.

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"NEVER let your cellulite hold you back from living your best life," she wrote. "NEVER let your cellulite hold you back from an opportunity."

She said that if her 21-year-old self could see her modeling photos, she would be immensely proud.

"Our bodies are unique vessels that allow us to live the life we want," she reminded her followers. "Please never hold back."

In the comments section, her fans and followers expressed support and enthusiasm.

Many people thanked Irby for showing her unedited body, and said their own legs, stomachs, and backs looked the same.

"I literally thought I was the only one with my legs looking like this in the front," one woman wrote.

"I’m always so scared to show them," she added. "Thank you for this post."

Irby also posted other photos, showing her unedited stomach skin or displaying how easy it is to "erase" cellulite with some creative filtering.

Commenters loved Irby's natural, unedited body, despite the trolls' opinions.

In the comments of one photo, a man called Irby hot and said he crowdsourced confirmation for his opinion.

"The homies and I all agree," he said.

And one person said Irby had a great butt, using several peach emojis to get the point across. "I don’t care what anyone says!" they declared.

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Irby thanked her followers for their kind words, and she promised to always set a good example for other women.

"Always here for you," Irby pledged her followers in a comment.

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