I’m a pest control expert – five scents that will keep foxes out of your garden | The Sun

FOXES can cause lots of damage to your garden and be a threat to any outdoor pets.

Luckily a pest control expert has revealed five scents that keep them at bay.

BC Pest Control recommend using your urine, if your comfortable enough with it.

Although it might sound strange, the experts revealed using urine to 'mark your territory' can deter them from entering your garden.

If you don't fancy using your wee to keep them away, you can also use hair clippings reports the Express.

Tricking foxes that humans are around by spreading your scent means they're less likely to come into the garden.


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Like most humans, foxes despise the smell of vinegar, and luckily most people have a bottle lying around their home.

Simple create a solution of water and vinegar and spray it onto your bins and around your property every so often to stop them rummaging through your bins.

Foxes hate the smell because it messes with their sensitive olfactory glands.

You can also hang vinegar soaked clothes around your garden to deter them.

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Foxes are also opposed to the strong smell of chilli, and you can use any type to stop them in their tracks.

Sprinkle dried chillies where foxes normally congregate in your garden or create a solution with water and chilli to spritz around the garden.

Garlic is another scent foxes hate, although it may not be as impactful as the others above.

Crush the garlic to release a chemical compound called alliinase and put in a spray bottle with water or vinegar to spray around your property.

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Lastly, you can use fox repellent which is available at most gardening stores.

The smell mimics the scent of fox urine, tricking them into thinking another fox has already marked its territory there which will steer them away from your garden.

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