I’m a personal stylist – my quick trick will make you look instantly slimmer without changing your outfit | The Sun

THERE'S one way you can appear slimmer without putting the time in at the gym.

A professional stylist revealed the key to looking like you shaved pounds off your appearance involves a quick outfit adjustment.

To achieve the slimming effect: an easy alteration is required.

Stylist Camellia Jade posted a TikTok explaining her one tip that takes seconds to make you look skinny.

And you may likely have accidentally used it in the past.

In Camellia's video, she uses her "ultimate slim trick" to style one of her clients.


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Camellia's client faces the mirror in a long green dress with a jean jacket on top.

While the dress is already slim-fitting, the jacket adds a bit of bulk.

"This is what we're going to do with our jacket though," Camellia says as she reaches for her client's arm.

"What we want to do is we want to always push up our sleeves," she continues.

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Camellia rolls the jacket sleeves and stops right at the elbows.

The dress is "slenderizing" by itself, but with the jacket on top, her client's figure appears different.

Pushing the sleeves up helps to take focus away from the hips.

She says: "When you roll up your sleeve, it creates separation. If you have your sleeve down, it actually creates extra bulk near your widest part."

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Viewers shared the same amazement with Camellia's client at how much of a difference a rolled sleeve can make.

"Magic," one person wrote, while another commented: "Whoa. I needed this LITERALLY for my work trip tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!"

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