I'm a personal stylist – 3 things that cheapen your outfit…& please ditch your Apple watches if you're not exercising | The Sun

HANDS up if you're guilty of leaving your Apple watch on no matter what the occasion…

Well, according to a personal stylist named Rachel, you're committing one of three major fashion offences.

In a clip posted to TikTok (@styledbyrv), the fashion whizz shared the mistakes people should avoid because they're instantly cheapening their outfits.

"I'm a personal stylist and I want to share some thing that could be cheapening your look no matter how much you paid for it," she says.

Rachel says that the first thing is when people don't steam their clothes.

"I know it's like an extra step in the morning but just do it," she urges.


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Next on her list of things to steer clear of is wearing an Apple watch outside of exercise or work.

"I don't think you need to wear it to work or an event, and especially not a wedding," Rachel explains.


Lastly, she says to fix clothes that show signs of pilling, which is when small balls of fluff form on the surface of the material.

"This even happens with an expensive sweater or a pair of leggings," she exolains.

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"But what you can do it just get a pilling comb on Amazon or one of those eyebrow razors and that'll just take it right off."

The post has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 209k views and several comments from social media users – with some very mixed reviews.

"My watch is over 1k I’m wearing everywhere including dinners, weddings, funerals, events, White House, Taj Mahal, Vatican whatever I want," wrote one.

A second penned: "It's time to realise that apple watches r staying and not going anywhere, get yourself an update."

A third commented: "The Apple watch triggers me so much..I've seen people wearing it for fancy events and weddings..ugh."

Rachel replied: "Ugh you hate to see it."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "Omg the over wearing of the Apple watch."

And another added: "Yes, yes, yes, to steaming your clothes – it's a must!"

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