I’m a paediatrician – the worst things to say to your child in the middle of a tantrum & what to say to defuse things | The Sun

A PAEDIATRICIAN has shared the worst things you can say to a child when they're in the middle of a tantrum – and what you can say to defuse things.

Toddler expert Dr Cathryn took to Instagram to share the "knee-jerk ways of responding to tantrums that are best to avoid", adding "the last thing you want to do is make a tantrum worse".

Firstly, don't invalidate their feelings.

"Toddlers often get upset over the most insane things," Dr Cathryn said.

"But while they seem insane to us, they are real and crucial to your toddler. ⁣

"We need to take our toddler’s experience seriously. Put yourself in a toddler’s shoes for a moment.

"How would you feel if you were extremely upset about something and your partner said, 'Stop whining. It’s not a big deal.'

"I doubt you’d say, 'You’re right. I’m just being ridiculous.' No. Most likely you’d feel worse. ⁣

"Remember, toddlers are emotional, not logical. "

Likewise, don't tell children how they should feel by saying things like "don't be angry" or "you have nothing to be upset about".

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And don't be tempted to lie in the hope of avoiding a tantrum either.

If you have a child worried about getting their vaccinations, for example, don't tell them it's not going to hurt.

"Trust is crucial," she added.

"Better to tell the truth and offer coping strategies. "

"YES!" one person commented on the Instagram post.

"Let’s make kids feel that their experience of the world is valid and reliable!

"They’ll need to be able to trust themselves in the future."

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