I’m a nursery worker and if I say your child’s been ‘a monkey’ or ‘very vocal’ it’s REALLY not what I mean

NURSERY workers have perfected the art of being nice about your child, even when it's their fault their day has been so chaotic.

One woman, who works with kids, has revealed the secret code she uses to talk about the children in her class to their parents and what she REALLY means when she says they've been "too vocal" or a bit of a "monkey".

TikTok user Chelsy, who credits herself for bringing up the next generation, gave an insight into how nursery workers really feel in one video she shared online.

The post, that has now been watched over 57k times on the social media platform, sees her reveal what she truly means when she's politely describing to parents how their kids have been at nursery that day.

She joked: "Nursery workers be like… they've been very vocal today," before revealing what she actually means is: "THEY SCREAMED LOTS."

Chelsy continued: "They've been very active today… THEY CLIMBED ON EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE.

"They've been a bit of a monkey today… THEY DIDN'T LISTEN TO A WORD I SAID AND DID WHATEVER THEY WANTED."

Her post was championed by fellow nursery workers and those who work with early years, with one person revealing: "Can't relate to anything more."

Another said: "My life working with toddlers."

A third wrote: "Omg the accuracy."

Nursery worker Chelsy also uses her platform to hit back at those who cruelly criticise her job.

She's forever firing back at those who insist working with kids at a nursery is basically "just babysitting", she gets to "play all day" and that her job as a nursery work is "easy".


In one post, Chelsy reveals: "Things I love hearing people say as a baby room leader… NOT.

"Childcare is the easy way out of doing a proper job… go and get your qualifications and training then Karen.

"How are you so tired?… dunno something to do with caring for nearly 20 babies a day."

Asked if she just cuddles babies all day, Chelsy stresses that her job entails so much more, like catering to the needs of each individual baby.

While she admits nursery work can be "very hard", she also insists it's the "most rewarding job ever".

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