I'm a mum-of-11 & have eight baby daddies – people make assumptions & say they're embarrassed of me but I find it funny | The Sun

A MUM-OF-11 who has eight different baby daddies has hit back at cruel trolls who are always making assumptions about her.

Phi, from Memphis, US, who posts under the handle @phieudoraa, took to TikTok and explained how she's given birth to 11 children by eight different men.

In one clip, she can be seen saying: "She got more baby daddies than you…"

Phi then jumps on the latest TikTok trend and mimes along to the words: "I gotta see her…"

She then chimes in: "Cause who got more than 8?"

In a second clip, the busy mum-of-11 shares an unnecessary remark she's received from a social media user: "I just know half of them dudes embarrassed af to have you as a baby mumma."


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Responding to the cruel comment, Phi quips: "Me telling them y'all assumptions and laughing at y'all."

In another video, she also talks about double standards and says: "Men can have multiple baby mamas and no one bats an eye but I get talked about for having multiple baby daddies."

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The video has since gone viral, racking up over 200,000 views and hundreds of comments.

"8… I'm traumatized by 1," joked one.

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A second quipped: "Omg are you fr? Is that a flex?…"

A third commented: "5 here! No shame in my game."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote wrote: "I can’t handle the 1 I have."

Another penned: "We didn’t learn our lessons with 1-7."

A further wrote: "You win…I have 4 lol."

And one more added: "Girl the one is ENOUGH!"

Phi responded: "Speak for yourself cause I love it here!"

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