I’m a mum and you should always do chores when your baby is awake, not asleep – some people don’t agree with me | The Sun

A MUM has split opinion for saying parents should always do chores while their baby is awake, not asleep.

TikTok user Megan, who posts under @megannsweeneyy, uploaded a video showing herself doing the washing up while her baby sat in a chair on the kitchen counter.

Megan wrote: “Smart ways to live.

“Doing your chores while baby is awake meaning baby gets free entertainment and you get to relax when they nap.”

She added in the caption: “Truly the key to stop getting overstimulated.

“FYI she is not left unattended for even a second, she was only up here whilst I was in this area with her.”

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Her video has racked up over 300,000 views and has split opinion among parents.

Many praised her point of view and said it works for their baby too.

One wrote: “I literally slept while baby slept, the housework paused and my mental health boom.”

A second agreed: “I had no choice but to do this as I’ve contact napped for 3 years.”

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However, some parents felt that it wasn’t the right thing for their family, with a third commenting: “I don‘t do this because I will feel bad for not playing with her. I would rather go with no sleep.”

Megan responded to this saying: “Independent ‘chill time’ is just as important for them. 

“She’s awake 2.5hrs/3hrs a time and I will only do chores for 30 mins max during that time.”

Another also claimed it wasn’t realistic, saying: “Why doesn't this work at my home.”

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