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A MONEY-SAVING pro has taken to TikTok to share an IKEA hack that could save you money and time when buying new furniture.

Faares, known online as @faaresq, took to TikTok to reveal an IKEA hack people often forget – that you don't have to return or rebuy a whole furniture kit when a piece breaks.

The content creator regularly shares money-saving hacks with his 2.2 million followers. 

Roleplaying as a customer in a new TikTok reel, he said: “Hey IKEA, can I return this please?”

Replying as the cashier, Faares adds: “Sure, is everything ok??”

As a customer again, he continues: “Yeah just one of the pieces broke as I was putting it together.”


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Then he reveals the policy that people often don’t know, adding: “Oh yeah, you don’t need to return the whole thing. I’ll just get you a new piece.

“Really? I thought it all came together.  

“Nah, here you are. 

“Cool, thanks. How much do I owe you? 

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“Oh nothing, it’s free! Yeah, we offer free replacement parts on all of our products, even if you bought something last year and one of the pieces ended up breaking, we’d still get you a replacement part for free.

"That way you don’t need to buy a whole new thing."

Below the video, Faares added: “All you have to do is go to their “spare parts” page and order what you need and it’s free.”

Fans loved his money-saving hack, with the video gaining more than 253,000 likes and 3.6 million views. 

In the comments, other TikTok users shared their reactions to the news, with one writing: “This is why I love IKEA! I had a wardrobe that had a design flaw and most of the wood ended up breaking. They picked it up for free and refunded!”

Another said: “Good to know! Thank you for sharing.”

A third wrote: “I wish I knew that before buying a whole new bedroom.”

On the IKEA website, it states for damaged or faulty parts: “You can take just the part and your receipt to an IKEA store and we will exchange this for you. 

“Alternatively, you can return the entire item for an exchange or a refund. 

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“If you can’t make it back to an IKEA store, you can contact us and we will discuss options with you.

“If you damaged the item yourself and swiped your IKEA Family card at the till you may be covered by IKEA Family card insurance.”

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