I’m a money-saving mum and my virtual cash-stuffing hack will mean you never overspend on your card again | The Sun

A MONEY-SAVING mum has revealed the easy virtual cash-stuffing hack you need to use to sort your finances.

Heidi Ondrak, 51, revealed the hack in a recent TikTok video uploaded to her account, Duchess of Thrift.

The mum-of-two said she uses the virtual cash-stuffing hack to manage her money and ensure she doesn't overspend.

She said her wages go into a current account where all her direct debits come out.

But the mum also uses Monzo to help her stay on track with her budget.

Heidi explained: "I also have a free Monzo account and the reason I have this is you hear people doing something called cash-stuffing.


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"They take their money out, put it in envelopes, and budget, they just have the cash for what they use."

But because many places don't accept cash, the frugal mum decided it would be a better idea to cash-stuff on her Monzo app.

You can do this by having your main account and creating 'money pots' in the Monzo app to spread out your money for various costs.

Heidi uses one for gifts where she adds money into the pot every month to save for next Christmas and birthdays.

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She also has a pot for her food shop so she knows exactly how much she has to spend each month and has to stick to her budget.

The money-saving hack went down well with people who viewed the video and they quickly took to the comments section to thank Heidi for sharing it.

One wrote: "So sensible and safer than cash."

A second person added: "I love this, I tried cash stuffing but I do online shopping for food."

"What a great idea," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Oh my! this may have just solved my inability to comprehend my expenditure."

"Thanks for this. am signing up as I type," another said.

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