I’m a mom of three boys and my simple trick keeps our bathroom smelling fresh

A MOM of young boys understands that keeping the house – and specifically the bathroom – clean is no easy task.

That’s why she has a few go-to tricks to keep her home’s bathrooms smelling fresh and looking neat, and now she has shared them with the world.

“These are the things I do in my home when I quickly need to make my bathroom not smell like a walking urinal,” the mother said in a video shared on her TikTok page.

First, she advised throwing all the bathroom rugs and towels in the wash.

“Then I take my favorite essential oil and put a drop or two on the inside carton of the toilet paper roll,” she explained.

“To keep trash cans fresh, you can add a couple drops of that same oil to a cotton round and put that at the bottom of your trash bin.”

Finally, she instructed people to take an antibacterial wipe and clean the toilet and floor around the toilet “since for obvious reasons, this is where most of the unwelcomed stink is residing.” 

“Wipe around the base of the toilet as well ‘cause this generally gets some dribble that may have been missed when you regularly clean your toilets,” she added.

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She concluded the video by saying that a full-bathroom clean is always best, but her tips definitely work when there isn’t much time.  

Several parents of boys commented on the video with related anecdotes, with one person even saying she thinks her son and husband are “gross” for the way they leave the bathroom.

If you’re looking for more ways to clean in a pinch, another TikToker previously revealed her secret: homemade “lime power balls.”

The woman said that her recipe creates cleaning balls ideal for keeping anywhere that has running water fresh between deep cleans. 

“You can put these in your sinks, you can put them in your toilets, you can put them in your showers, and your tubs,” she noted. 

“Anywhere where there’s a flow of water.”

With just the two above-mentioned tips, it looks like you can have your house looking clean and smelling fresh in no time. 

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