I’m a makeup artist – 3 mistakes that are aging you, from your concealer to contouring | The Sun

MANY women are willing to do whatever it takes to appear as youthful as possible – including with the use of cosmetics.

One beauty expert just revealed three makeup mistakes women are making that can instantly age you.

Makeup artist and TikToker Kate O’Neal Talbert posted a video with some helpful information.

She says: “Let me share with you three makeup mistakes that you might be making that could actually be aging you a little bit.”

She starts by discussing how you handle the skin and dark circles beneath your eyes.

“The first [mistake] is going to be applying too much concealer — and applying it too close to the lash line,” she says.

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She explains: “When you get that concealer too close to the lash line, it’s going to crease.

“This is where the skin is the thinnest. Because we have water glands here, it’s going to get oily quicker.

“Also, applying too much product underneath here is just going to make that skin look thinner and older.”

The way you can solve this problem is by dabbing a small amount of concealer into the inner and outer corners of your eye.

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She suggests splitting the amount of product you’d normally use in half.

Kate's second mistake is all about the way you apply your contour.

Dragging the lines of your contour downward is one of the worst things you can do.

Kate says: “This [motion] does a couple of things we don’t want to happen. It’s placing contour in the wrong area and bringing it too far down.

“The whole purpose of contouring is to help lift and shape. This is just undoing all of that.

“It’s dragging the face down and giving it no shape. As you’re blending it out, it’s just going to create a muddy-looking mess.”

Instead, Kate suggests finding the top of your cheekbone and applying a small bit of contour there.

The final mistake Kate talks about is applying your blush to the wrong location.

“Applying cream blush right in the center of the cheek? This draws attention down.

“Then, especially as you blend it out, you start to blend it downwards. It’s just dragging everything down!”

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Kate's suggestion for fixing this problem is to apply your blush at an upward angle at the outer corner of your face.

From there, you’ll feather it out towards the temple area.

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