I'm a hot mom – I'm too wild to be on the PTA, I've got to tone it down for the Karens at the bus stop | The Sun

A MOTHER has revealed that people think she's too wild to be a member of her child's Parent Teacher Association.

She said that she's got to tone it down to appease the Karens at the school bus stop.

Self-described hot mama Tina (@tinag719) regularly shares striking moments in her life and keeps it real.

In a TikTok video, she gave viewers a glimpse at the parental culture within her child's school system.

She filmed herself in the car dancing and singing to the popular song My Neck, My Back by Khia.

"This is why I can't be on the PTA," the subtitle above her head read.

Then, she acted out her reaction to being caught in the act.

"S**t," she said in shock before rolling her window down.

"Hi, Susan. How's Billy doing in soccer?" she mouthed along to the audio.

"Gotta tone it down for Karen’s at the bus stop," she mentioned in the video caption.

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Many people offered their two cents in the comment section of the video.

"Girl, You could have been in our PTA," a viewer offered.

"I can totally relate," another added.

"Love it," a fan praised.

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