I'm a hot 30-year-old 'teacher' – people say they'd 'stay after class' if I was taking their lessons | The Sun

AN influencer who shares risqué "hot teacher" content has been praised by fans who say they would "stay after class" if she was their instructor.

The 30-year-old woman regularly posts content on TikTok and Instagram posing as a teacher and flaunting her figure with her content.

Leyla (@favhighschoolteacher) claims to teach math to high school students.

On Instagram, she asked: "Are teachers allowed to be sexy?"

In one video on TikTok, the content creator asked followers if they think she is "cute" for a 30-year-old teacher.

Wearing a black mini-skirt and a low-cut pink top, she flaunted her assets.

The video began with her doubled over and suggestively rubbing her thighs.

She then straightened up with her hand on her hip, looking at the camera.

The text read: "Cute for a 30 yo teacher?"

One follower replied: "Damn if you was my teacher I'd stay after school all the time."

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Much of her content sees her perched on the edge of her desk with short skirts, heels, and suspenders as she talks about parents' evenings with the single dads.

In one clip she claims: "These dads are having fun."

Another follower commented: "How can one not fall in love with his teacher?

"I think it's every man's fantasy."

The content creator has racked up over 26,000 likes and over 7,000 followers.

However, one viewer was less than impressed with content saying: "How freaking embarrassing."

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