I'm a Hooters girl, the strict uniform policy goes beyond clothes, if you don't follow the rules they will send you home | The Sun

DOZENS of Hooters girls have shared the secrets about the restaurant's uniform policy in viral TikTok clips online.

One waitress, known as kenzjee, has claimed that workers will be sent home if they don’t follow certain rules.

TikTok fans have quizzed the Hooters girl about her experience working for the restaurant.

One asked: Do you have to wear makeup when you work there?”

She claimed that Hooters girls have to wear an array of beauty products, including eyelashes, mascara, blusher, bronzer, lipstick, and moisturizer.

Kenzjee warned: “Makeup is a part of a dress code so if you show up with no makeup on, they can and will send you home.”

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TikTokers were furious that restaurant bosses apparently made workers wear makeup.

But, Kenzjee replied: “It’s just part of the dress code. It’s all a part of the contracts we sign. If someone doesn’t want to they don’t have to work here.”

The staffer also claimed that managers teach workers how to apply the makeup if they’ve never worn it before.

Kenzjee has been asked dozens of questions by curious viewers.

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In January 2022, one TikToker quizzed the waitress on the company’s tights machine.

She said: “So people always ask me about our tights machine and I have to buy tights today so I guess I’ll just make a video about it.”

The Tiktoker’s colleague showed off the dispenser and a $5 bill was put into the machine.

Kenzjee then pushed a button that reads “Suntan B”.

There are several options on the machine under different letters which refer to the length of the stockings.

Tiktokers were left puzzled that Hooters girls appear to have to pay for their own tights when it’s part of the work attire.

One said: “Why do you have to pay for them if it is part of the uniform?

“Cause in my opinion the boss should provide them for free.”

Another commented: “It’s a company uniform, company should pay for it (sic).”

Meanwhile, another Hooters worker was left shocked when a customer refused to let her serve him.

And, former employee Julia Shalom Jordan has opened up about her career as a waitress.

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