I’m a hairdresser & you need to stop restyling your hair between washes – the damage it's doing to your hair is serious | The Sun

A HAIR pro has revealed the number one thing people do that is damaging to their hair and usually they have no idea how bad it is. 

The hair expert described the hair mistake as hair abuse. 

Tom Smith shared the error in a TikTok video online. 

He said: “So there's one thing that damages your hair more than almost anything else that you can do to it at home and no one's talking about it.”

Tom explained the mistake is very common and some of his clients still do it often. 

He said: “I see this again and again with my clients I've been doing hair for over 15 years, I still do clients at least twice a week.

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Tom said: “So many people that I speak to are doing this one thing that is just damaging their hair way more than they realise or would rather reheat style their hair on days that they're not washing it to try to wash their hair less.”

The hair expert says the possibility of washing your hair too much is a misconception. 

“People think that washing your hair too much can be damaging. The reality is once you've heat styled your hair into place the bonds in your hair are set in place and that's what creates the wave or curl or straightness that you styled your heat style on subsequent days.”

But in reality restyling your hair does way more damage than washing it often. 

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He said: “The hair that has already been heat styled you're forcing those bonds to rip apart and reset and that is so much more damaging than just washing it and resetting it."

Tom explained you can use products that are made for restyling or refreshing your hair.


The beauty pro said: “There are some heat protecting products that you can use that are specifically designed for putting on the hair on day two, day three for refreshes.”

But it is best to wash your hair and restyle instead of constantly reapplying heat. 

Tom’s video racked up 660,000 views and many viewers were stunned to hear they had been making a key mistake. 

One user said: “You have great hair. Bravo – great video!”

Another said: “I never heard this before! And I always reheat set my hair. Thank you so much for sharing.”

However, quite a few TikTok users said they refused to make changes to their hair routines. 

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One user said: “But I wake up with crazy hair everyday.”

Another said: “Yeah but my hair isn’t dirty on days 2-3-4, but I still want to style them.”

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