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A PROFESSIONAL hairdresser has revealed how people can get longer, thicker locks – and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. 

Hair expert Rachel Valentine explained that she’s most commonly asked how people can make their hair grow quicker.

And Rachel said it wasn’t as complicated – or expensive – as some seem to think, nor does it need cupboards full of products.

The social media user, who can be found on TikTok at @rachelvalentinehair, explained in a new video: “My most asked question without a doubt is how to grow your hair longer, quicker, faster or thicker.

“So here are my top tips for hair growth.” 

Rachel, who is a Trichologist in training, then shared how she’s come to discover that concentrating on your scalp can promote hair growth.

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The pro continued: “Firstly is not to underestimate scalp massages. They are amazing for hair growth.

“Our hair feeds from the nutrients that our blood provides.

“So the better blood flow we have to our scalp, the easier it’s going to be for hair follicles to get the nutrients it needs.”

Rachel went on to emphasise her point further to her 77.3k followers, as she stressed the importance of scalp health in general.

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She continued: “Make sure that you are washing your hair thoroughly every single time and doing two shampoos.”

Experts have previously revealed that double shampooing has so many benefits, including removing excess product from the scalp.

They also said that while the first wash will loosen the product, it’s the second that will lift it away to actually remove it from your head.

Rachel also encouraged her followers looking for longer locks to exercise regularly.

The reason? She answered: “Exercise is also really important. 

“Going back to talking about stimulating our blood, exercise is a really good way to get our heart pumping, and our blood pumping around our body, which is going to be great for hair growth.”

Similarly, a person’s diet can also have a direct impact, as Rachel continued: “When it comes to what you eat, if you’re going to change anything, up your protein. 

“Our hair is literally 95% protein, so you really need to be getting that protein in your diet.”

Meanwhile, her last top tip was one of the most important – water.

Rachel concluded: “I know it sounds boring, but you need to up your water intake if you want to get good hair growth.

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“For many, many reasons, but our cells literally cannot reproduce without enough water.”

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