I’m a gym girl – trolls say my butt is too big, but I don’t care, I've been growing it for years so I hope it is | The Sun

A GYM-GOER has clapped back at the haters who criticize her physique.

Trolls described her butt as "too big" to which she responded that she hopes it is.

She said the size of her backside is intentional as she has been growing it for years.

Lindsey Burt (@lindseyburt) is a digital content creator and fitness junkie.

She showed off her enviable curves, while giving the naysayers a piece of her mind.

"Random comments," she wrote. "It's too big."

She showed herself in a beige workout set that highlighted her fit figure.

"Thank you," she added. "That's the goal."

"Is that supposed to be insulting?" she added. in the caption.

Burt said she is currently on a journey to grow her muscles and build her body.

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"I’ve been growing it for four years so I would hope it’s “too big” in some peoples opinion."

She condemned unrealistic beauty standards for pressuring women to be too thin.

"And with the body standards saying 'heroin chic' is now back, anything is 'too big.'"

The video came as part of a trend in body positivity for women.

Gym girls are proudly displaying their muscle gains and showing off their curves.

Many are instructing others how to start their own fitness journey.

Others are showing that it's perfectly valid to be a strong woman with growing muscles.

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