I'm a gym girl – my secret jeans hack will grow your butt in seconds and it doesn't involve any exercise at all | The Sun

A GYM girl has revealed a secret hack for making your butt look bigger and all you need is a pair of jeans with this key detail.

While Mel (@melklifts) likes to post TikTok videos of herself working out at the gym, she has shared how to instantly grow your butt without exercising.

This fashion hack won't actually make your butt bigger, but it will make your backside appear "fantastically large in jeans," as Mel put it.

Mel explained that it all has to do with proportions.

"The key is to have smaller [back] pockets set higher up," she said in a video when talking about the perfect jeans to flatter your butt.

She first showed off jeans that weren't as flattering on her.

"These are bigger pockets that just kinda sit further down low," Mel explained as she turned around to show her back pockets.

"We're not really working with anything here," she added.

Mel then tried on another pair of jeans that were more flattering than the first, but still not the best option.

"So these ones we're getting there," she said.

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The jean "pockets are a little bit smaller and a little bit higher."

"You see the difference," she said as she showed the jeans' back pockets.

Finally, she showed off a pair of jeans that made her butt look drastically larger.

"Look how much better your butt looks when [the pockets] are higher up than lower down and they're smaller," she said as she showed the camera.

Her viewers were blown away by this fashion hack.

"What is this witchcraft," one viewer said. "I need the last pair immediately."

Another said: "You're a genius."

One TikTok user was already in on this secret tip.

"Facts," they said, "I've been fooling people this way for years."

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