I’m a gym girl – I normally work out in a sports bra and shorts but I have days where I feel uncomfortable in my body | The Sun

A FITNESS fan has revealed that there are days when she feels uncomfortable in her body as she works out.

While she normally wears a sports bra and shorts to the gym, she shared how sometimes that is not the case because she's not feeling well mentally.

Emma Apell (@livewellwithapell) is an online fitness coach and wellness enthusiast.

On her social media, she posts body positive, self-love-themed, and transparent content catered to her large following.

In a recent Instagram post, she pulled back the curtain to share that sometimes she doesn't feel the most comfortable in her body.

"I guess you could say I had one of those days where my body image weren’t at the top. And that Is okay," she wrote.

She shared side-by-side photos of herself wearing an oversized red T-shirt and light gray sweatpants in one image and a form-fitting white sports bra and blue athletic shorts.

As a result, she explained that on the days when she doesn't feel the best in her muscular body, she does little things to make herself feel better.

For the beauty, wearing comfy and baggy clothes makes her "focus on being comfortable, which always helps."

The exercise lover chooses to prioritize happiness in her life, but she is also open about her mental health.

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Her following consists of over 61,000 people and a few offered some supportive feedback about her vulnerable post.

"Beautiful either way! I admire your dedication!" a fan commented.

"You always speak straight to my heart," another wrote.

"Love this. Felt this way literally yesterday," an Instagram user chimed in.

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