I’m a gym bunny with big boobs & am always coming up with new inventive ways of stopping them from getting in the way | The Sun

A GYM bunny has revealed how she prevents her big boobs from bouncing up and down when working out.

Having big boobs is all fun and games until it's time to hit the gym and do some cardio – and one woman who knows a little about this is TikTok user Jade Natalie Faye (@jade0121d1), from the UK.

Although the fitness enthusiast hasn't disclosed the size of her boobs, she reckoned they weighed the same as a small tot would.

But whilst for the most part it doesn't interfere with her workouts, it gets a little bit more complicated when Jade wants to incorporate jumping exercises into her gym routine.

Tired of the pain and discomfort, the stunner was looking for a solution – and luckily, she came up with a rather brilliant idea.

Pleased with how effective it was, she also then shared the hack to her 19.5k fans on TikTok.

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''When you have the weight of a small child on your chest you have to be creative to find ways to strap them down,'' Jade chuckled in the video.

First, she demonstrated, the fit gym bunny grabbed a glute resistance band and pulled it across her sports bra.

To give the girls even more support, she then also went over with another rubber band and tied it together at the top of her chest.

After a successful bounce test, Jade proceeded with her workout and completed numerous box squats and push-ups – and the boobs stayed in place.

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''box jumps no problem,'' she added.

Posted just two days ago, the clip has already taken the popular social media platform by storm, winning her over 770k views.

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Hundreds of TikTok fans flocked to comments to share their thoughts, where one said: ''modern problems require modern solutions.''

''Actually so tempted to try this,'' another gym fanatic said.

''People in the comments saying that it looks painful, it is more painful to have your skin aggressive streched by the weight of a watermelon [sic],'' a third hit back at the meanies.

Someone else penned: ''I wish I had this problem.''

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