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IF you have any last minute Christmas gifts to wrap, fear not, you’ve come to the right place. 

We spoke to renowned gift wrapping expert, Jo Clydesdale, to answer some of your most asked gift wrapping questions.

The gift wrapping whizz has collaborated with Evri, to reveal not only her top tips, tricks and hacks for wrapping oddly shaped presents, but she has also shared her quick wrapping method, plus her creative way to wrap a gift. 

Thanks to her helpful tips, Jo will have you wrapping your Christmas gifts like a pro in no time.

Wrapping oddly shaped presents

Not all gifts come in the perfectly shaped box, leaving many of us stumped when it comes to wrapping them.

Particularly when it comes to children's toys, wrapping up awkward shaped gifs can be a bit of a challenge.

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To make life easier, Jo explained: “A great way to wrap odd shapes, such as bottles or tubes of sweets, is with tissue and cellophane, gathering the tissue together, making upward pleats and tying with a ribbon.”

She also said that larger gifts can be challenging, as she added: “Depending on the size, this normally means I tape multiple sheets of paper together for it to fit the size of the gift.”

Fastest gift wrapping method

According to Jo, preparation is key when it comes to wrapping gifts quickly.

Jo explained that it's important that you are well prepared before you start wrapping.

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She said: “Cutting your paper to the correct size at the start makes wrapping less of a hassle and saves you fiddling half way through cutting around edges.”

But if time is really scarce, she says a simple gift bag is the way forward. 

Instead of gift wrap

If you are looking for a lower budget and more eco-friendly option, Jo has a top tip for you.

Jo suggested using old newspapers and string for a simple yet effective alternative to gift wrap.

As another alternative, she stated: “baskets have been very popular.” 

To make your basket presentable she suggested using “shredded paper to place the gift on and a ribbon to finish it off.”

She also revealed: “Charity shops are a great place to find these baskets at a reasonable price”.

Creative ways to wrap a present

Jo likes to jazz things up when wrapping her gifts, by using the ‘Japanese Pleating Method’.

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She explained: “This consists of folding the paper over itself a few times, unravelling it and then folding it back on itself.”

She also suggested adding fun, creative accessories, such as: “bells, feathers, cinnamon sticks, tinsel from the tree and different types of ribbon such a lace or wired ribbon.“

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