I'm a gardening whizz…My three steps will prevent brambles from taking over your garden, including a 1p solution

THOUGH they produce juicy blackberries perfect for pies and jams, if left unpruned, bramble bushes can take over your garden in no time.

The thorny vines can grow almost everywhere under all conditions – but luckily, there are three easy things you can do to help tackle this problem, The Express wrote.

Notoriously fast-growing and able to spread rapidly, the plant is common in most gardens.

But getting rid of unwanted bramble is crucial, as this will allow beds and borders of cultivated plants to thrive.

While there are various weed killers in the market that can be also used to banish these thorny bushes, using a common kitchen ingredient sitting in your cupboard can be just as effective.


For this trick to work, all avid gardeners will need is some table salt, water, as well as an empty spray bottle to store the solution in.

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Simply mix two parts salt with one part water until the solution fills the spray bottle.

Then, once the mixture's ready, lightly spray the liquid onto the leaves, stems and roots of the brambles you want to get rid of.

Here, make sure to avoid spraying nearby plants by accident – this could lead to issues with their growth.

Repeat this every day for 10 days and by the of it the brambles should be ready to be removed.

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Once the thorny bush has been treated with the salty solution, you can cut back the thorny growth to physically clear away the excess.

According to the newspaper, you should do this by cutting back the unwanted plant to about six inches or so high.

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Doing so will make it easier to access the roots.

While a tool such as strimmer will save you time, you can also use secateurs, shears or loppers.

Use a sharp saw to cut away thick stems and dispose of the overgrowth by cutting it down into tiny pieces, and throwing everything into a bin bag to rot down.

Anything which is left in your green space will simply grow to re-root once again and continue to spread.


If you find brambles growing through shrubs and perennials, the best option here is to dig out the root from the ground.

For this, you might have to lift the garden plants before removing the bramble roots and replacing the plants.

Here, it's important to note, it's crucial to remove the entire root system, as this will prevent the plant from reoccurring and spreading in the future.

You should also keep an eye out for younger seedlings as soon as they appear.

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