I'm a gardening whizz and make my blooms last longer using the fridge – it works every time

THERE ARE a few ways you can try to make your freshly cut blooms last longer.

But this gardening pro shared her own genius tip.

Gardening expert and founder of gardening advice website Blooming Lucky, Louise Findlay-Wilson spoke to Express and shared some top tips.

Before you do anything else, it's important to remove any unnecessary leaves.

These are usually ones closer to the bottom, that will look bulky.

"If you want to have some leaves on the stem, certainly don’t have any foliage under the water line as this will rot," she explained.

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After that, "trim the base of the stems before you put them in your vase."

She continued: "The cut should be on a slant as you’re trying to provide the largest surface area, so the stem can absorb the most water.

"For woody stemmed flowers, such as roses, also do a two-inch vertical cut up the base of the stem.

"Definitely don’t bash the base of any stems. All this will do is inhibit the stem’s ability to take in water – and will encourage the creation of bacteria in the water."

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A clean vase will not only look more sleek but will probably slow down any bacteria growth too.

The pro recommends sticking to gold water in your vase, "the flowers to open up and so will shorten the time they’re looking tip-top for you," she said.

But when it comes to really prolonging the life of your blooms, there is one other thing you can do.

"If you’re really serious about extending the life of your vase of flowers, and your arrangement isn’t too huge, some experts recommend popping it in the fridge overnight."

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It makes sense really, Sarah explained: "In essence, you’re trying to keep things cool and fresh for your flowers.

"So, for the same reason, position your vase in a cool spot, in a shaded place which gets indirect sunlight and out of draughts.

"If you have it in blistering sunlight or next to a radiator those blooms will fade much faster.

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"When you first cut the flowers and put them in a vase of water, I’d put them somewhere cool for a few hours.

"This will give the blooms the chance to take in some water without the stress of dealing with a warm room."

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