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HAVE you ever tried to clean your patio furniture with your garden hose but there isn't enough water pressure to remove all the dirt?

You can turn your garden hose into a DIY power cleaner for free by using just one kitchen essential.

Instagram star Brunch With Babs showed her followers the free gardening tip.

In her video, Babs explained how to use dish soap to turn your garden hose into a power cleaner.

Babs explained: "Step one: you need a garden hose, any old garden hose will do."

"Step two: just squirt in some dish detergent right in the hose. Put your hose nozzle back on," she continued.

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Babs demonstrated the hack in her video, spraying her patio furniture with her DIY cleaner.

"Look at all the suds. There's a lot of grime on this stuff, it really is dirty but you can see the suds come right off the furniture," she said.

Babs also suggested the cleaning hack could be used to wash cars.

Her followers were impressed with the handy tip, one person commented: "Why’d I never think of this? This is genius."

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"Babs, you are a true miracle worker," wrote another fan.

 One user said: "This is such a great idea! I am trying this for my patio. Thanks for sharing."

Another follower thought the hack sounded familiar. They commented: "I love seeing things my grams showed me, some of these I had forgotten."

"Very cool home hack, I won't tell my son this or I'll be out of dish soap!" joked another user.

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