I'm a gardening pro and always check these five things to prepare my lawn mower for gardening season

YOU KNOW summer is almost here when it's time to get your lawn mower out.

But brushing the dust of off them just isn't enough, according to this pro.

If you want your lawn mower to last longer and cut your lawn efficiently, it probably needs a bit of upkeep.

The gardening pros at Everything Homes shared the five things that you should do before you venture out of the shed with your machine for the first time this year.

Firstly, if you have a petrol machine the petrol will need chaning.

"We advise draining the petrol at the end of each mowing season as petrol can evaporate and spoil over time.

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"If petrol has been left in your mower over the winter, drain it now and replace it with fresh fuel according to the instructions in your manual."

It's also important to check the oil in your machine, of course every one will be different, so check the manual for exact instructions on how to do it safely.

If you have an electric lawn mower always check the cable before use.

Damaged wires are dangerous and easy enough to replace, so there's no excuse.

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Make sureyou chord is untangled too, the pros advise: "Fully untangle your cable each time you start mowing too, as a bundled or knotted up cord can overheat."

Just like your kitchen knifes wont cut your food if they're blunt, your lawnmower wont cut the grass if it's blades are.

"Blunt lawnmower blades will cut your lawn unevenly and could even damage it by ripping up the grass," the garden lovers explained.

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"Sharpen your blades if necessary, or if they are cracked, damaged or too blunt to sharpen, replace them with brand new blades to improve the performance of your mower."

Lat but not least, clean the entire machine.

This will save you loads of money in the long run, even if it feels like a massive hassle at the time.

First, "clear grass build-up from any vents on your machine so that the motor is well ventilated and doesn’t overheat.

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"Clean the blades and the area around the blades so that they can spin freely. Blocked blades will also cause the motor to overheat and burn out as the motor will have to work harder to turn them.

"Consider using a cleaning kit with a mulch barrier to avoid future grass build-up."

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