I’m a foodie and tried a McDonald’s hack to get a bigger burger – I didn’t expect much but was totally wrong | The Sun

HAVE you had a Big Mac from McDonald's recently?

One foodie heard about a hack that gets you a bigger burger and had to give it a try for herself.

The fast food fan was told that the key to the perfect McDonald's burger is to ask for steamed bun.

Bec Hardgrave had to put the hack to the test for herself so gave it a whirl and shared the results on her TikTok account @bechardgrave.

She tried the 'ultimate hack' and bought a cheese burger with a steamed bun, as well a regular one.

"I'm almost convinced it's a myth, one time I did order a steamed bun and I felt like it tasted exactly the same," she confessed.

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First, Bec tried the normal burger, "it's pretty good even without hte steamed bun," she said.

But when she opened the box to reveal the steamed option the difference was unbelieveable.

"Maybe they didn't really give me a steamed bun last time, because look how fat that looks," she raved.

The foodie took a big bite out of the bun and was amazed by the difference.

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"This is like a fluffy cloud," she quipped and added that she'll "be ordering a steamed bun for the rest of my life."

Viewers loved the hack too, one wrote: "As an employee of three years I can confirm this is approved."

A second said: "I didn't know this was an option!"

And another wrote: "I order filet of fish just for the steamed bun, never dawned on me to just asked for a steamed bun for other burgers!"

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