I’m a fit gym girl – I got dress-coded at the gym because my sports bra was too ‘revealing’ but I don’t care | The Sun

A FITNESS influencer has revealed how she was dress-coded at the gym because her sports bra was too "revealing".

TikTok star Kayla Kaukola – who has 46,000 followers and 1.4million likes – shared her story in a viral video.

She said that "Gym Karens" would criticise for her choice of workout attire.

Kayla's video was liked thousands of times and her fans got behind her over the dress-coding problem.

Using a meme template from hit show Bob's Burgers, Kayla played out the situation.

"Take it off," growls the 'Karen', only for Kayla too smile, flex and say "I would rather die".


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She posed wearing a black bandeau bra which she often sports with in her gym videos.

"Gym Karen offended by my bandeau sport bras being to [sic] revealing," she wrote.

Her fans were all very supportive of her choice of workout attire.

"Girl you look hot don't listen to anyone telling you to wear something else," one wrote.

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Another added: "You wear what you want to wear, it's obvious that negative comments from negative people are just jealous."

Others wrote "not even that revealing" and "people are ridiculous, you look great".

Kayla uses her TikTok and Instagram to share fitness and beauty content, keeping fans up to date with her routines.

Her videos are regularly viewed thousands of times as she shows off her progress.

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