I'm a first-grade teacher and gym girl – people say the kids will 'have a crush on me until the day they die' | The Sun

PARENTS think one first-grade teacher will have too strong of a hold on their children's emotions.

Toned school educator Sarah showed off her built figure, and viewers assumed her students would have crushes on her for a long time.

Sarah posted a TikTok in which she revealed her fit body and why she prefers to be as strong as she is.

The 20-year-old teacher stepped in front of the camera in a long tan dress.

In the corner of the video, the caption read: "You should go to the gym so you can get strong."

"You should go to the gym so you can be attractive."

Sarah turned her head and shook her finger "no."

Another caption popped up: "You should go to the gym because it's super funny to be jacked in a profession where you don't need to be jacked."

The Florida-based educator lifted her arm up and flexed it.

"Welcome to 1st grade," she said.

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She pursed her face to make a serious look.

Sarah flexed both arm muscles up as she asked: "Do you want addition or spelling tests?"

"Take you pickin'."

The gym fanatic left a notable impression on viewers, and they believe she does on her students too.

"Nah, those boys are gonna have a crush on you till the day they die. It's just facts," a confident man wrote.

An honest individual added: "I fell in love with my first-grade teacher and even wanted to marry her but there was too big of an age difference. she was 22 and I was 32."

One man related to Sarah's love for bodybuilding.

"Same with being a software engineer. My weird obsession with working out has never really fit," they wrote.

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