I’m a female plumber – fans say I look hot in my work gear and even more when I get ready for a night out | The Sun

A FEMALE plumber has shared what she wears when she's working – and why she looks good whether she's on the job or going out.

Helena Szmalec, who goes by the name pink_plumbing_hjs on TikTok, has shared a number of videos unveiling both her outfits at work and in her free time.

According to Direct Line for Business, women account for just two percent of all plumbers in the UK.

But Helena, 28, who lives in Birmingham, wants to shed light on what she does, and what it's like working in such a male-dominated industry.

Recently, she shared a video of herself working in short black shorts with a tool belt and a pink sports bra-type top.

She captioned the video: "Don't care what I look like today. I'm hot."


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"You definitely are," one fan wrote in the comments."

"Looking gorgeous, Helena," another said.

And a third, Katie, joked: "I suddenly need my pipes looking at you fine young lady!! Love ya gal!!!"

In a second video, Helena, who has some 37k followers on TikTok, posted a montage of clips of her in various outfits.

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The short vid shows her ready to go out, dressed to the nines in black jeans and a backless silver, sequined top.

She also shared a snap of herself in all-black gym gear, and a selfie in the car wearing a pink hoody.

"Enjoy some non-plumbing stuff and a signature pose," she captioned the video.

"Damn girl how are you still single?" one thirsty fan asked in the comments.

"No one can handle this," Helena joked.

Damn girl how are you still single?

She isn't the only woman opening up on what it's like to work in a trade traditionally associated with men.

TikToker Charlise is a female plumber who loves revealing her after-work fashion sense.

In her videos, Charlise sheds light on what she does as a woman who is a plumber.

Charlise captioned one recent video: "time to be real."

The video shows her in a bright orange sweatshirt and reflective vest.

Her hair is pulled back in a braid.

Charlise then showed bits of what her day as a plumber looked like, which included toolboxes and power tools.

In another video, the plumber showed off an after-work outfit.

While TikTok user and plumber Yana Marks has also revealed how people are "obsessed" with her when they discover her job.

In one TikTok video, she wrote: “POV: You start a plumbing apprenticeship at 17.”

The fresh-faced woman smiled with light, glowy makeup on.

She wore mascara that made her green eyes pop and had a shimmering lip gloss on.

Then the video transitioned to a montage of photos and videos of Yana working on the job.

She showed herself drilling into the ground, reworking sewer lines, and fixing different pipes both indoors and outdoors.

Wearing a pair of goloshes, she even stood halfway underground in between piles of dirt.

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