I’m a female carpenter and work on a construction site full of men – I get asked some seriously sexist questions | The Sun

A FEMALE carpenter is hitting back at outdated expectations of women in the workplace with a rocking sense of humor.

Jess Bessell is breaking new ground as a carpenter and is sharing her life and work on her TikTok platform.

Carpentry is traditionally a male-dominated profession, but young women like Jess are beginning to make their mark.

She is a rare breed as one of the few women working on a construction site full of men.

Jess loves her work but is less keen on the old-fashioned questions she has to endure at her workplace.

No shrinking violet, she tackles them with humor in her TikTok posts.

She captions her latest video with: “Some of the questions I get asked.”

First up is: “What made you get into this then luv?”

Followed by the all-time classic: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

And finally, another banger: “Does your boyfriend mind you working with all those men?”

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Comments to her post were both empathetic and impressed by the chutzpah of this young chippie.

Another woman in a male-dominated industry related to her post: “Yep, I feel the pain.”

Another said: “I have my fair share of men like this on site. But there is hope for the male species I currently work with are a load of great guys.”

A female engineer shared her story: “My fave has been, ‘you’re awfully female to be an engineer!’”

A dad understood too: “I’m a groundworker and my 17-year-old daughter is my apprentice. She gets these questions all the time.”

Finally, keep up the good work: “Keep doing what you’re doing. As a woman, I’d much rather hire another woman than a man. We need you.”

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