I'm a fat girl, trolls constantly compare me to a whale and want me to hate myself, but I know I’m gorgeous | The Sun

A PLUS size woman has hit back at trolls who cruelly compared her to a whale – and said that she’ll never hate herself like they want her to. 

Nicci, a TikTok influencer who has won fans thanks to sharing her “fat girl outfit of the day”, decided to share the extent of the online abuse she receives. 

But she had a message for her critics, who gave her exercise tips and spoke about her rolls, as she said she couldn’t care less about their opinion.

Nicci, who has amassed a big following via her account @niccinunezz, uploaded a video captioned: “is so fun being a woman on the internet.” 

Alongside footage of her modelling a black skirt and blue crop top outfit, Nicci then filled the screen with comments she has had on past videos.

These included awful memes of a whale that said “whale hello there”, as another one dubbed her channel “only whales.” 

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However, Nicci had the last laugh when she said their words won’t change her opinion of herself, as she’s very happy with how she looks.

Nicci wrote on top of their comments: “POV: You don’t hate yourself even though the internet wants you to.”

The footage then cut to Nicci strolling down the street in a pink dress, shrugging off the trolls’ words.

And it ended with several videos cut together of her enjoying her life, including travels, meals out and, finally, her walking towards the camera with a big smile on her face. 

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Nicci’s 106k followers applauded her comeback, as they rushed to like the video and give her some love.

One social media user wrote: “The internet is so cruel, I see this on every woman’s page too.” 

A second person said: “That is such garbage! You are fabulous and your style/ vibe is immaculate.”

A third TikToker typed: “They’re so boring. It’s just so tired and boring.

“I love you to pieces, your style is fantastic and I love your videos.” 

While a fourth echoed their sentiment, as they wrote: “You are gorgeous!”

Another person also said that she had experienced something similar, as she told Nicci she was not alone.

She wrote: “When will they realise that most of us have been called fat our entire lives?

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