I’m a fashion expert – there’s three styles of jeans I wouldn’t be caught dead in & why skinnys are top of the bin pile | The Sun

TRYING to get the right pair of jeans can leave you feeling blue. 

Jeans are one of the most popular pieces of clothing in our wardrobes, with 2.2 billion sold globally every year.

But half of women find buying jeans the most difficult purchase, according to OnePoll. 

With Asos selling 15 different shapes of denim alone, no wonder it's hard to get the right pair for you and to know what is in or isn’t out of style.

And that's not even factoring finding your correct size. 

But there are some styles you shouldn’t be wearing, here Clemmie Fieldsend says these are the three styles of denim she would never wear. 

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In 2016 fashion bible Vogue declared that skinny jeans were out of style, yet here we are in 2023 and they’re still one of the most popular styles of denim.

But not for me. 

The unforgiving, leg-hugging look has been cast out and made way for straight styles which creates an elongated silhouette and doesn’t mean you’ll have seam lines indented into your skin.

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I won’t be wearing a pair anytime soon. 


Mom jeans are named after mums in the 80’s who wore the style in a high rise with a belt that nestled under their busts because they were that high. 

At the time and during the 90’s they were deemed frumpy, unfashionable and unflattering.

So what's changed? Well, not much.

They still have that distinctive high waist that accentuates your gunt (the bulging between the waist and genital area) and after a few wears give you a saggy bum.

Sorry, not for me. 


Cropped jeans crept into stores a few years ago and have been haunting calves ever since. 

Longer than pedal pushers (remember them?) but shorter than an ankle length jean they sit in on the fullest part of your calf which creates an illusion that your legs are a lot shorter than they really are. 

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Add a flared silhouette into the mix and you’ve got a shape that makes you look dumpy by highlighting curves, but not lettering them like a standard flare would. 

Safe to say ankle swinging, leg choppers aren’t on my must-have shopping list. 

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