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THINKING of getting your first dog? Or perhaps you’ve had difficult to train pooches in the past and now want one that will be a bit more chill?

Alice Manners, dog trainer and founder of Dogs With Manners has spoken to Fabulous revealing which dog breeds tend to be the easiest to train, making them a great choice for newbie dog owners.

“It is my honest opinion that every dog is trainable”, she begins, “but some breeds are more amenable than others.”

Alice adds that when it comes to training it’s important for the dog to have drive, as this allows trainers to engage with the animals.

Giving the dogs something to see value in, whether it’s food, toys or in some cases affection, can make a world of difference when it comes to training.

So which breeds tend to be easiest to train?


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Alice says that as they’re full of natural drive, Labradors are one of easiest to train breeds.

This intelligent breed can be quick to master the basics of training and will love to continue learning new tricks to keep their mind active, so while they may be easy to train they can be a lot of work to keep up with.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Another breed that is full of natural drive is the Rhodesian Ridgeback and both this and their intelligence makes them ideal candidates for training.

However, this breed can also be stubborn, meaning they may need some strong guidance at times.

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Border Collies

Border Collies, like many working breeds, are particularly easy to train and can learn common dog tricks, such as sitting, rolling over and playing dead.

This bread responds particularly well when treats are used as incentives for training.


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Happy and high energy Spaniels are another easily trainable breed, this breed tends to be eager to please their owner and learn new ticks.

Some Spaniels may be easily distracted while training, so this can require a fair bit of patience but won’t be too difficult once you have their attention.


Another working breed, Shepherds are one of the most intelligent breeds in the world, according to PDSA.

This can make them highly trainable, however as they need a lot of exercise they can still require quite a lot of attention, meaning they may not be the best breed for someone with a bus schedule.

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Alice points out that even if you don’t have one of these easy-to-train breeds that all hope is not lost, and that drive can be built up in even the laziest of dogs.

She says: “I would always recommend consulting with a trainer if you are looking to build drive.”

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