I'm a dog expert and you've been holding your dog lead all wrong – it's so dangerous and can cause serious injury | The Sun

A DOG expert has warned that owners are holding dog leads all wrong – so, are you guilty of making the common mistake?

TikToker @southenddogtraining1 posted a very informative video where he urges his social media followers: "Don't make this mistake with the lead."

In the clip, he begins: "Don't put your hand through the handle and then hold onto the rope.

"I've seen people literally dragged across the field on their face by doing this, it's very dangerous."

He also goes on to warn not to wrap the lead around your hand several times.

"I've seen horrific injuries where a dog pulls, you break fingers, crush your hand, you can even get rope burn – just don't do it," he says.


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"It's a very dangerous way to hold the lead."

The dog expert than goes on to share two ways in which he likes to hold the lead that can reduce injury.

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"Number one is you put it through your index finger like so, and you lock it off," he demonstrates.

"That way if a dog pulls, he's not going anywhere, there's no chance of rope burn and you're not going to break any fingers."

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He continues: "Or option number two is you put it through your thumb again and locking it off so when the dog pulls, you're not getting a rope burn or things like this."

The professional dog trainer proceeds to point out that the idea with the lead is to have the lead by your side short but relaxed.

"If the dog does start to venture in front and you feel tension, pull up gently and then relax," he instructs.

"Don't pull back.

"Also, remember with the lead, the more led the dog has gone, particularly if it's reactive, the more leverage the dog has."

The video has since gone viral and racked up over 525,000 views, with many taking to the comments section.

"I've always looped it over my wrist with a dog that pulls. Only way I feel I have control of the lead – oops!" wrote one.

A second admitted: "I did it and I had 2 broken elbows wrist and pelvis fractures had to wait 4 weeks of agony for surgery."

A third quipped: "Good thing I have tiny dogs!"

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