I'm a curvy mom – I've got hip dips and it's nothing to do with being 'fat,' I had them at a size 10 and a size 16 | The Sun

A CURVY mom has bared all in an attempt to normalize "hip dips."

She urged other women to embrace them and stop being ashamed.

Furthermore, she said, hip dips have nothing to do with being fat.

Lauren Edge (@itslaurenedge) has 135,000 followers on her TikTok, where she advocates "body acceptance."

But hip dips were the focus of one of her videos.

“See these, these are hip dips," she said as she prodded the fleshy area around the hip area.

"I’ve always had them and I’m gonna prove that I’ve always had them and I want to prove that it’s got nothing to do with weight," she insisted.

Lauren held up a photo to demonstrate her point; a size 10 when the photo was taken, she still had hip dips even then.

“I was so self-conscious that my body wasn’t a perfect hourglass shape," she said.

“I think I really liked myself, but I hated this as a size 10 here."

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Next up was another photo, this time she was wearing a long black skirt, and hip dips were still on show.

“You can see the skirt going in and I hated this bulge here," said Lauren. “I thought, oh this is disgusting."

She took out another bikini photo, this time she was a size 12 but the same problem.

"I absolutely hated the bulge and how much my bikini bottoms cut into my hip dip."

Now a size 16, Lauren still has hip dips.

Proof, she insists, that hip dips have "got nothing to do with fat."

She said: “It’s got everything to do with your hips and your body structure."

She suggested an easy way of dealing with hip dips.

"You can spend years dieting and hating yourself," said Lauren.

Or, you could try her alternative: “Let's spend more time accepting that s**t rather than trying to change it.

“Because I promise you, you won’t be able to change it. All you will do is spend the rest of your life hating yourself for no reason."

She concluded by issuing a clarion call.

“We are told we need to change. Society needs to change. And start educating women on their bodies and how they’re actually made up.”

Comments to her post were relieved that someone was coming out and admitting to having them.

“Always had them. Learning to truly embrace them," admitted this reader.

Confirmation that size also had nothing to do with it: “I’m petite and I’ve got them too. Got nothing to do with weight.”

Finally, Lauren inspired this viewer: “I’m 44 and struggled with this for years. Now I know they are my beautiful hip dips," said a relieved follower.

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