I'm a country girl – people are speechless after seeing my 'stunning' outfit and collection of hats | The Sun

THIS cowgirl has left her viewers speechless after showing off her "stunning" outfit and collection of hats.

Jaid Kenzie is a country girl from Virginia who likes to show off her western style on TikTok.

In a recent video, Jaid showed off some light blue jeans and a baby pink corset top.

She posed for the camera while lip-synching to I Love Rock 'N Roll by Joan Jett.

Jaid had her collection of cowgirl hats in varying shades from white to brown to black in the background of the video.

One viewer commented on Jaid's many hats saying "10 hats – I am lucky I find one that fits."

Another viewer was blown away saying "Absolutely stunning and breathtaking."

"I am jealous of Virginia," a third wrote.

Jaid was called "gorgeous" and "beautiful" by her viewers in awe.

While Jaid might've gotten positive feedback from this video, she has been called a "buckle bunny" by trolls because of how she dresses.

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Due to her cowgirl chic aesthetic, commenters on Jaid's videos often call her "fake country" or a "buckle bunny."

A buckle bunny is most commonly used as a derogatory term for a woman who follows around cowboys or rodeo stars.

[It's] gettin a little old," Jaid said in the caption of one of her videos.

"Find some new material folks."

In the clip, she responds to a commenter who told her that "real cowgirls don't dress up or wear makeup" by lip-synching to Eminem's 2004 track Big Weenie.

"I don't understand. Why are you being so mean?" the lyrics go. "You're just jealous of me."

In the first half of the video, Jaid hasn't gotten dolled up yet.

But in the second half, she puts on makeup and a little black dress with one of the many cowboy hats from her large collection to finish off the look.

"Get u a girl that looks amazing with and without makeup," one TikTok user said.

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