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WE PROBABLY all assumed we were bleaching our toilet the right way, pouring it straight into the basin. 

But one cleaning whizz has suggested that we’ve been doing it all wrong. 

Mum-of-six Sarah, known online as @sarahelizabeth747, took to social media to share her cleaning hacks – and suggested putting toilet cleaner or bleach under the cistern lid. 

In the nine-second video, she can be seen lifting the cistern lid and pouring the cleaning fluid in. Then she flushes, and the water begins to foam. 

Sharing the hack with her 2550 followers, she wrote: “Why have I never thought of this until today…” 

Fans loved the savvy mum’s trick, with the video gaining more than 18,000 likes. 


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One wrote: “That and Dettol or Zoflora. Been doing that since I moved out in 2000.” 

Another said: “I’ve been doing this for years. I’m a cleaner in a factory and I do this to all the toilets and my own.

"My toilets are immaculate and it’s never [damaged them].” 

But not all were sold on the cleaning hack, with one writing: “From a plumber’s point of view as I am…keep putting corrosives on rubber seals…I like being busy.” 

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Another said: “You get one flush, what’s the point?” 

Then one explained how the hack can go wrong, writing: “I poured a blue liquid in there once – some sort of toilet thing – and had a bubble overflow from the toilet.” 

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If you are worried about the seals, one mum suggested putting essential oils under the lid instead. 

She said; “I add a couple [of] drops of oil to the back. Lavender for the bathroom, [and] I use lemon in the kitchen.” 

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