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A SAVVY cleaning enthusiast has gone viral after sharing a genius hack for removing yellow sweat stains from your whites.

As much as we love summer and basking in the sunshine, the warm weather also comes with another, less welcome guest – nasty sweat stains ruining all your bright whites.

Almost impossible to wash out, they leave unpleasant marks and make any outfit a fail.

If you've recently found your favourite top covered in these, especially in the armpit area, don't rush to bin it just yet, as one whizz has shared a cleaning hack.

The TikTok user Joanne, who goes b @whatjoknows online, took it to social media to demonstrate how she makes her whites shine bright like new again.

''Saw this on TikTok so thought I'd give it a go,'' said the home interior enthusiast.

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She tried the hack on one of her favourite old dresses that was covered in a gross mixture of yellow stains from sweat, deodorant and tanning lotion.

To make it mark-free, Joanne squeezed a small amount of purple shampoo on the affected areas and gave it a hand wash.

The shampoo will quickly absorb into the material and will make it turn purple – but don't be scared.

Once done, grab a packet of soda crystals and pour a generous layer on the garment before chucking in the washing machine.

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''Put it in for a quick wash and voila, 100 per cent better.''

But although the trick certainly worked, Joanne admitted she was hesitant to try it again on items that weren't old.

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''Not sure I’d have the balls to do it on an expensive or newer item though!''

With almost 350,000 views, the clip has gone viral on the social media platform, leaving fellow cleaning fans intrigued.

One person appeared to be impressed: ''Wow that’s so clever! def will be trying.''

Another wrote: ''Great tip. Purple shampoo is magic!''

A third penned: ''Can’t believe that worked, brilliant.''

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Others ran to comments to share their tips and tricks, for instance, this TikTok user: ''Baking powder does it too.''

Someone else recommended: ''White vinegar and salt too.''

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