I’m a cleaning guru, my £2 hack gets gross oil stains from clothes with basically no effort – it works on old ones too | The Sun

EVERYONE knows how frustrating it is when you get out your favourite top or jumper to wear, only to find it is dirty.

But it’s even more aggravating when you discover it’s stained with little specks of oil all over.

Luckily, a cleaning fan has come to the rescue as they have unveiled their foolproof method to removing oil stains using an unlikely, cheap product. 

TikTok user Celia Gercovich, whose profile is @celia.gercovich, shared her technique, as well as a before and after showing how the oil had completely vanished.

Her secret? Some Eucalyptus oil that can be bought from your local high street or online for as little as £2.

Celia, who described her trick as the “ultimate life hack” explained: “If you have old jumpers, or jumpers that have oil stains on them that don’t seem to be coming out, I’ve finally found something that actually works.”

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She then revealed that Eucalyptus oil was her hero product, and that while it might not seem like the most likely candidate, it really does work.

Celia said “It seems weird because you’re using oil to get out oil stains.” She then showed the simple step by step guide.

She continued: “All I did was dab on little bits of the oil, enough to soak in. I actually used a teaspoon, like the end of a teaspoon to dab it on. 

“Then I put them in the wash and the dryer, and then this morning I checked them.”

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The video clip then cut to Celia removing the jumpers from the tumble dryer – and everyone could see the amazing results for themselves.

She showed how they had completely disappeared from a blue jumper that was previously covered in small oil spills.

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Sharing her delight, Celia said: “Guys, the stain has gone. All of them.”

She then concluded: “This is the greatest hack… ever.”

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