I’m a cleaning expert, how to remove limescale from your tap WITHOUT scrubbing and three more kitchen tips | The Sun

A CLEANING expert has shared a top tip to ensure that your kitchen tap is limescale free and sparkling clean. 

And the best news is that it takes minimal effort and absolutely no scrubbing, as the easy method simply involves soaking overnight. 

TikTok @aestheticallyinhome, which is dedicated to “home tips and cleaning hacks”, regularly shares tutorial videos with their 30,800 followers to help them keep their house in tip top condition. 

In a series called “Kitchen Cleaning Hacks”, they have lifted the lid on the things they regularly do to make sure that their kitchen is tidy and spotless. 

In one of the videos, @aestheticallyinhome explains the step-by-step way to remove stubborn limescale from taps.

They said: “Pour white vinegar into a bag and leave on the tap overnight to get rid of limescale.”

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The cleanfluencer then demonstrated exactly how to do it, showing how they use a thick, sandwich style bag to pour the liquid into.

Then, they fully cover the tap and tie it tightly so that the white vinegar could work its magic as they slept. 

Meanwhile, @aestheticallyinhome also offered up other handy tips and tricks, including how to stop your bins from creating a nasty odour. 

Explaining how all you need is some laundry scent beads, the cleaning expert showed how you simply pour them into the bottom of your bin to eliminate smells, before placing the bin liner directly on top. 

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The same method can also be used for food bins which can often leave lingering smells if left unattended. 

Again, showing how to do it, they said: “[It] works even better at the bottom of food bins.”

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Throughout the social media series, @aestheticallyinhome has also shared some other hidden gems.

These include how putting a small amount of washing up liquid into your blender and giving it a quick blitz will help to remove dirt before you clean it in the sink. 

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